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ISGSD 2024

ISGSD 2024 Symposium on Green Industry Initiative for Sustainable Industrial Development is organized as an event parallel to the International Industry Expo -2024 held from 19th -23rd June 2024 at the BMICH, Colombo. It fosters information exchange among academia, researchers, industry practitioners, and students. It encourages and enables the industrial community to apply, deploy and advance the state of green initiatives in industrial development.

What to Expect?

  • Two-day hybrid symposium Green Industry Initiative for Sustainable Industrial Development
  • Events totaling over 100 peer-reviewed papers
  • Invited speakers who are leaders in the local and global context
  • Keynote speeches on success stories of green initiatives in industries
  • Sponsor booths
  • Poster sessions
  • Networking with industry peers and academia at the Industry Award Ceremony


Attendees include those interested in the practical aspects of green initiatives in sustainable industrial development, with a focus on new concepts and designs of implementations from around the world.

  • University researchers, educators and students
  • Industry practitioners
  • Green industry service providers
  • Public-private institutions

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors of the ISGSD 2024 symposium will receive:

  • Visibility and recognition among leading green industry initiative researchers and industry practitioners
  • Opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s support for emerging research and green initiatives for sustainable industrial development
  • New business opportunities with potential buyers from around the world


Featured Company Logo in all promotional materials

Sponsor Logo listed in a prominent position on the ISGSD 2024 web site with a link to the International Industry Expo-2024 Exhibition home page, hosted on the IDB website

Recognition of sponsorship in pre and/or post-event communications. Includes sponsor quote and link to Homepage

Sponsorship recognized on ISGSD 2024 social media channels 

Opportunity to participate in the Industry SriLanka TV programme aired on the Rupavahini TV channel

Live acknowledgement at Opening and Closing Sessions

Complimentary Tickets to the symposium

Plaque of Acknowledgement displayed at Symposium Opening Session

Promotional video showcased in the Main LED wall at the inauguration session

Promotional video at the opening key note

On Location Pull up Banners

Stall Space in BMICH

Recognition at the Industry Awards Ceremony

1-page advertisement on Symposium publication


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5 Tickets

5 Mins

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10 Banners

10 x 10 ft Space in
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3 Tickets

3 Mins

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Rs 1.0 MN

On symposium website only

1 Ticket

1 Banner

10 x 10 ft Space in

Hall A

Publication Sponsorships

Rs 0.25 MN

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Tailored Packages

For more information about tailor-made sponsorship packages or to discuss  sponsorship in general, please contact  Ms. Uchini Alwis,
Symposium Coordinator at